Displaying Accomplishments, Education And Training On Resume – 3 Nitty Gritty Answers

Displaying accomplishments, display education, and display training on resume? The answers might surprise you and let you confidently take action.

How-To Display Education On Your Resume

If you are in work force more than 10 years and your degrees don’t match targeted job, first choice, confine your education to the end of the resume. Put the title of the degree only in upper and lower case Bold. When your degree(s) match your new job title, display your education (degree only) at the end of Qualifications paragraph under headlined title of your new job top of first page. Display it again under education section of your resume, next to last entry on last page. Just out of school and your degree is professional, tech or healthcare related, display your degree at top of page one under your name. Don’t junk it up with clubs and awards. Save that for Education & Training segment.

How-To Display Accomplishments On Your Resume

Accomplishments, a) carefully written with results displayed first (using dollars, percentages, and un-rounded numbers), and b) how you achieved the results is next or second. Top two methods: Display three or four tightly written statements of accomplishments at the top of the resume after Qualifications Paragraph and under new heading, in bold, “Accomplishments” or “Selected Accomplishments”. Or, second, display a few bulleted accomplishments under each job title. Make sure your achievements relate directly to published job performance requirements. Display text, short, brief, tightly written, readable, with compelling detail.

How-To Display Training On Your Resume

There’s licensed training and there’s Certificate Of Completion.

If a brain surgeon said to you before he or she began to operate, “I have four years training in brain surgery”, what would be your first question?

You’re right. “How many surgeries have you performed?” Unless you can back up your training with proof of performance, carefully display solid training under the Education & Training portion of your resume, at end of final page.

Example: If you are a trained, tested, and licensed CPA, then those initials, without periods, should be next to your name Bold at the top of the resume and top left, next to your name Bold on all remaining pages of your resume. Add phone number too.

How to display Education, Accomplishments, and Training on your resume are important considerations. Do not be tempted to fudge facts. About 75% of all US resumes have “inaccuracies” in them. That’s probably why most resume readers spend less than 7 seconds with your resume, first time through.

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